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Google Ads Management

It’s for businesses that…

Are spending £2,000 + per month on Google ads

Want to outsource the management of Google Ads

Have either Search / Display / Shopping or YouTube campaigns

It might not be suitable if:

You have a low budget (maybe training is better for you)

Are just getting started with Google Ads – unless you are already running campaigns on another Ad Network like Facebook Ads.

What’s Included:

Account management starts with a review of your current campaigns.

Then, if we decide to work together, ongoing management includes:

  • Market research
  • Competitor research
  • Current campaigns restructured and built for growth.
  • Setup of additional Search, Display, Shopping, Youtube campaigns (if needed).
  • Installation of conversion tracking
  • Ongoing keywords/bidding/ad creative optimisation
  • Monthly reports on all key account metrics
  • Monthly strategy and update calls

What does it cost?

It depends on the business, the number of campaigns, networks used etc.

Typically costs are between £500 and £1250 + VAT per month.

Your click costs are paid directly to Google.

How do you start?

Just book a call.

Tell me about what you are doing currently with your Google Ads, what struggles you are having, what successes you are having, plans to increase campaigns etc…