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Account Reviews

Who is it for?

Businesses that would like a second opinion on their Google Ad campaigns.

The campaigns could be managed by the business owner, a member of staff or by an agency or freelancer.

What is it?

It starts with a 30-minute call so I can find out about your business, your campaigns and your goals.

I’ll then review your account and find areas where the most improvements can be made.

I’ll check things like:

  • Your account and campaign set-up
  • Your website and Landing pages
  • Where you can save money
  • Where you should be spending more money
  • Auctions insights – how are your competitors doing compared to you?
  • Location bidding
  • Device bidding
  • Are you utilising the shared library?
  • Are you giving too much control over to Google?
  • Re-marketing
  • What I think you should do next with Google Ads

And more.

We can then go on another 30-minute call. This call can be a screen share of your account (using Zoom or Google Hangouts) and it can be recorded for review later.

What does it cost?

Reviews are £250 plus VAT.

How do you start?

Just book a call.

Tell me about what you are doing currently with your Google Ads, what struggles you are having, what successes you are having etc,